The year 2009 is nearing the end and millions of people are thinking what they are going to do the next year. Is your New Year’s resolution to lose fat? If it is, then the time to start is now. The most important part of fat loss is knowledge. People simple do not know enough about nutrition and exercise to be successful. I have a few simple fat loss tips that are really helpful.

1. Use exercise to create a calorie deficit rather than diets

The hardest part about weight loss, is staying on a diet. We all know how hard this can be and some diets are especially hard. People believe that starving themselves is the best way to go, but it is not. The less you eat, the harder it is for you to stay on your diet. Do not make your diet plans very strict or they will backfire on you. Instead you should focus more on calorie burning through exercise, because it is much more effective. First of all you do not have to starve yourself and therefore you are less likely to fail. Exercise raises your metabolic rate. The faster your metabolic rate is the more calories you burn and strict diets slow down your metabolic rate. Exercise is good for your health and diets are now. By the way both weight training and aerobic training are essential.

2. Do not skip meals and eat more frequently

Another important thing you have to consider is consistency. You have to eat the right amount of foods, the right frequency and not skip meals. Some people do not eat breakfast very often and even think this helps them. But in fact skipping meals will slow down your metabolic rate and of course if you skip meals then your next meal is most certainly too large. 5-6 small meals a day, which consists of the right amount of proteins, carbs and fats is important. As I said before, be consistent. You can not lose fat successfully if you eat correctly for 2 days and skip meals the third day.

3. Do not stay on negative calories for too long

I am sure you have friends or family who are on diets. For some people it has become a habit to go on diets. But these people fail most of the time, as you have surely noticed. Why? Well, the problem is that if you stay on very low calories for too long, then your body will fight back and force you to eat. Sooner or later people will give up and eat way too much. Do not torture yourself like that. It is necessary to give yourself a break and increase your calories from time to time. For example you can be on negative calorie balance for 3 days and on the fourth day increase your calorie by just a bit. You can not hold your breath forever right? So you also can not stay on a negative calorie balance forever.

4. Lose fat slowly and be patient

The biggest mistake or one of the biggest mistakes that people often make, is rushing. Take your time and be patient. There is no need to lose more than 1-2 pounds per week. Yes, there are people who lose 5 or more pounds or more, but they are also very likely to fail because they also lose muscle. The key is to lose fat, not muscle. When you try to lose too much weight too quickly, then you will lose muscle. If you are able to lose 3-4 pounds per week, without losing muscle mass, then fine. Losing fat is not a race.

No matter how hard you try in the gym, you won’t see much result unless you combine your workouts with a well thought out nutrition plan. Without proper nutrition for building muscles and losing fat your body will always be lacking the balance and energy to complement your training efforts. The good news is that the same rules apply to both muscle gain and fat loss nutrition planning, and that these rules are actually quite simple to follow. You will instantly notice an improvement in your mental capacity and focus, as well as an increase in your energy levels and workout recovery times.

1. Meal Partitioning

Increase the number of meals per day, but make them smaller and focused on what food they contain. Fruits, lean protein, vegetables and whole foods should always form up the main ingredients of each meal. You must instill some self-discipline here and get rid of high-calorie, high-fat and high-sugar foods. If you’re serious about losing fat while maintaining high energy resources for your workouts, you can’t have things like chocolate bars, cookies, pies, ice cream, fried foods, etc. in your menu. Definitely not often anyway. I know it’s impossible to completely change your eating habits, but you need to start making changes today and be consistent and focused. By taking small steps in eliminating bad foods and adding good ones, you will achieve the necessary nutrition levels in a rather short period of time.

2. Drinking Water

It goes without saying that hydration is crucial, not only for preserving life altogether, but for allowing your body to function at its best. While the minimum intake should be at about 2 liters a day, nutrition specialists suggest at least 3 liters of water. This is quite true when you’re working out to build muscle and lose fat as it helps your system to get rid of toxins more easily. Calories that come from drinks such as soda, alcohol or beverages containing sugar are working against you, so replace the regular consumption of those with a glass of water. Don’t think much about it and you can easily do it. You’ll be glad you did later.

3. Creating a Nutrition Plan

You need to make a plan.

Going from meal to meal without having a clear idea what you should consume is not going to take you far. Nor will going into the grocery store and trying to figure out what to buy in the last minute. Unless you’re experienced and have been following a plan for months or years, you will miss out on important ingredients, as well as end up buying something you shouldn’t.

Plan with your daily schedule in mind.

It’s not feasible to cancel a lunch meeting or a business trip just to eat healthy, so make sure to point these out in your plan and prepare some whole food sandwiches or try to figure out in advance what foods to order in that restaurant, such that you don’t have to break out of your nutrition targets.

Make a grocery shop list and stick to it.

It will save you a lot of time and help you avoid mistakes, as well as keep those tempting candies and other treats out of your house. That way you can focus on following your nutrition plan to the optimum. Try to prepare as many ingredients and meal prerequisites so when it comes to making the actual meal you can have it ready in no time. While a lot more can be said on the topic, I can guarantee you that just by following these 3 simple tips on proper nutrition for building muscles and losing fat you will experience noticeable results right from the start.

Don’t be surprised if you begin losing a pound or more per week just from having the correct nutrition alone.

You may want to start a healthy weight loss program now or you have just in the weight loss battles.  In any situation, there are at least 3 things to look at in the early stage of a weight loss program.

1) Choose your battles

When you first start in a healthy weight loss program, avoid yourself to be overwhelmed by too much information.  It is especially easy to get caught up in the small battles among low fat and low carbohydrates (low carb) diet theorists about food like coffee, diet sodas, sugar alcohol, cake,  cheese, wine etc. Please do not get sucked in.  Some of my friends simply cannot imagine how to live without coffee. So, you do not need to give up things when you join a healthy weight loss program. The important concept in healthy weight loss is that you are trying to make changes on a continual progress basis. The name of the weight loss game is direction, not perfection. If all that is standing between you and a healthier low-carb diet is a couple of diet colas, keep the colas for now. Maybe you will give them up later or maybe you won’t, it is alright.  Just learn to choose your battles and remember, you do not have to do everything all at once.

2) Avoid junk food, no matter high-carb or low-carb

Affecting by advertisement and some misconception, a lot of people think that they can eat any things as long as it is labeled low carbohydrates or low-carb. This could easily result in the following scenario: an overweight population of “low-carbers” with swelling waistlines and skyrocketing health issues. A typical scene of this scenario scrolls through Disneyland, where you can easily see these “low-carbers” grasp a vat-size cup of sugar-free soda with one hand, with another hand holds any of a zillion “carbohydrates free” snack food yet to be invented – hot dogs on low-carb buns, low-carb cotton candy, low-carb popcorn etc.

What do you think after over eating all this low-carb foods?  Now you know why you need a healthy weight loss program. For healthy weight loss purpose, cutting carbohydrates alone is not enough.  You just need to cut the junk food.  We have to learn, unfortunately, that in most cases the food industry is not our friend.  If carb-free becomes just another slogan like low-fat did and we become addicted to carb-free, but high calorie, chemically enhanced junk food, we will have traded one idiotic notion for another and our health will be the same bad shape it was before.

3) Invest some time in your kitchen

Let’s look at some statistic at the past. People spend $6 billion on fast food in 1970. In the year 2000, people spent $110 billion on fast food, virtually 18 times of what people spent in 1970. Fully 90% of the money spent on food in the United States is spent on processed food. Besides, the typical American eats 3 fast-food burgers and 4 orders of fries per week. That is why some people say that people nowadays exchange our health for convenience. If you concern about your health and your weight, and want to join a healthy weight loss plan, it is time to stop eating processed food. In fact, you can spend a little time in the kitchen, preparing your own food for healthy weight loss purpose. Buy some cookbook or get some eating smart tips, then cook your own breakfast and make your own snacks.  A sharing from a dieter who succeeded losing pounds said “Treating food in this new way is definitely a challenge and a learning experience, but it beats my old way of eating that left me fat, tired and depressed.”  It is your choice now of whether want a healthy life and diet habit.

In a healthy weight loss program, we need to identify very clearly, that that is no free lunch in this world. You need to put effort to learn all these things for your health and healthy weight loss effects.  There is no shortcut for healthy weight loss. You need to adjust your diet habit, perform right exercise, and make use of some supplements. These are the right approach in a healthy weight loss program.

The first and foremost thing to clarify is that there is no such thing as losing fat on just your belly and not anywhere else on your body.  When your body loses fat, it loses it at the same percentage across your whole body (your face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, chest, back, belly, hips, thighs, buttocks, calves, feet, …).  The key thing to note is the SAME percentage of that area on your body.  For example, to keep it simple let’s assume you have 10 pounds of belly fat and just 3 pounds of fat on your lower back, but 0 pounds of fat everywhere else on your body (unrealistic but it will be easier to understand). Now say in 2 weeks you burned off 14,000 extra calories which are equivalent to 4 pounds of fat.  What your body will do is take the same percentage of fat from wherever the fat is on your body, wherein our example there is the 10 pounds of fat on your belly and 3 pounds of fat on your lower back.

Although your body is not working out mathematical equations it is working in a systematic manner: Percentage of body fat removed everywhere in your body = pounds of fat loss / total pounds of fat I have. So we have 4 pounds/13 pounds = 30% of fat to remove from the body. Belly Fat before fat loss is 10 pounds, after the fat loss 30% is removed and we get 7 pounds of fat left. Lower back fat before fat loss is 3 pounds, after the fat loss 30% is removed and we get 2 pounds of fat left on the lower back. So although it was 30% of fat removal off your whole body, there were more pounds of fat removed from your belly because 30% from there is more than 30% on your lower back.

Hence, the majority of your fat loss on your body will occur in the area(s) where it is most concentrated.  If the fat is mainly concentrated in your belly then that is where the main reduction of fat will occur. So now that we understand there is no way to lose fat in just your belly and not anywhere else, then the question should not be “diets that work to reduce belly fat”, but instead should be “diets that work to reduce fat”.


Research after research has shown a low-carb diet has been a very effective way to lose fat. So what is a low-carb diet? Simple, calories coming from carbohydrates is less than 20% of your total calories.  The remaining 80% of the calories should come from fat and protein, where there should be more calories from fat than protein.  You also want to ensure these are good fats and not the bad ones.  So keep the saturated and trans fat low. Also, the low-carb diet should have very little to no processed foods, you want pure and clean foods.

So here is one of many low-carb diets with very little processed foods assuming your daily calories are set to (see my calculator to count yours) 1267 which has 14% of the calories from carbohydrates; 27% from protein; 53% from fat.

  • 2 cups spinach
  • 1/2 cup walnuts
  • 2 medium carrots
  • 1/4 cup almonds
  • 1/4 cup peanuts
  • 2 cups broccoli
  • white chicken breast

food calories, Bad Fat, Good Fat, Cholesterol, Carbohydrate, Dietary Fiber, Protein

  • Spinach (2 cups): 140002.21.41.8
  • Walnuts (1/2 cup): 2602.5220636
  • Carrot (2 medium) :500001231
  • 1/4 cup almonds: 1321110535
  • 1/4 cup peanuts: 18021001258
  • broccoli (1 cup): 3100062.42.61
  • Chicken Breast (mixed with low carb sauce for taste): 6008181862006013.56118663.217.884.4
  • Total Calories: 1267121.5549252.2337.6

Reducing the fat in your belly will definitely make your stomach look leaner, but also doing certain stretches will also give your stomach a leaner and longer appearance.

Attending someone’s formal get together in their home is a fun experience that allows you to socialize, enjoy good food and drink and even make new friends. Although such an occasion may seem simple to put together, being the host of such an event can be an overwhelming challenge. If this is your first time having guests over to your house for such a get-together, you may be frantically worrying about every aspect of the process. Luckily, there are some helpful tips you can follow to give you peace of mind, organization and the ability to host the perfect formal get together.

There is no rulebook you’ll need to follow in order to put together and host a successful formal get together in your home. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about the process. The first tip to take is to plan in advance. Communicate with your guests and find out what date and time frame works best for everyone. It is also important to keep in mind that not everyone you invite will be able to make it. As long as the majority of your guests are able to agree on a date and time, this will make it easy for you to figure out how many people to expect. Once you have the schedule set, you can focus on the details of the event. Most formal get-togethers take place in the evening and involve appetizers, dinner, and dessert.


Happy guests are those that are well fed so make sure to make the necessary arrangements when it comes to the food and drink department. Before finalizing the menu, find out if your guests have any food allergies or other conditions (vegetarians, vegans, etc.). Do your best to make sure that there will be something for everyone available on the table so no one feels left out. One helpful tip is to require your guests to bring their choice of wine or mixed drinks to the get-together. This will be one less factor for you to worry about.

Perhaps one of the best tips to follow when putting together your first formal get together is to ask for help when needed. Include your family in the event, especially your spouse or significant other. Just because you are the host does not mean you have to do everything yourself. This is a common mistake made by many first-time hosts. Having additional assistance will simplify your to-do list and will dramatically decrease your stress levels. If you have areas of planning and organization that you are not very strong in, assign those duties to your sweetie, sibling or best friend.

Making a checklist is a great way to keep everything on track. The main tasks that should appear on your checklist include, but are not limited to: locking in a date and time, sending out invites, managing RSVPs, organizing the menu and decorating the house for the event. It is also helpful to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. While you can’t predict the future, having alternatives to work with will make your life a lot easier.

Have you ever wondered how the body knows to target belly fat when you’re on a weight loss program? Did you know you can control it? That’s right, it’s up to you to do the right exercise if you what to watch your belly fat disappear in 30 days.

The body is smarter than you

It knows how to lose belly fat fast before moving on to other parts of the body. But did you know you can inhibit this if you do the wrong exercise?  You can do 1000 crunches every day and still not know how to lose lower belly fat! It’s a fact! Your body is the one that decides where the fat goes and which part to burn off first. Most of it depends on your genetics, but what you eat also decides where the fat goes.  Too much processed food will definitely put fat on your belly. Too much sugar, refined foods, and fast foods also put it there.

Fat is a survival tactic your body uses when food is scarce

Since your body is the one that decides which fat is burnt off first, it’s best to help it along by doing exercises that help the body know how to lose weight quickly. Using sit-ups or crunches will help a little, but it won’t help much, contrary to everyone’s beliefs. You have to use different muscle groups along with the stomach muscles. Plus, you have to get your heart rate up, so your body will burn the fat.

It doesn’t happen any other way

Doing cardio exercises such as bike riding, jogging, fast walking, and high-intensity interval training exercises (think Sean T.’s Insanity Workout) that bring the heart rate up is better for losing stomach fat.  Since it’s your body that decides which fat to burn first, you can’t actually target a muscle group unless you use the muscles in the area where you want to lose weight or build muscle mass.What’s the right way on how to lose belly fat? Hint* (It’s doing intensive Cardio)For example, if you want that six-pack abs in less than 8 weeks you have to do cardio every day, plus, work on the muscles in your back, arms, and legs, as well as your stomach muscles. Your entire body is the key to becoming that fat burning machine.


How to get a flat stomach or rather how to lose belly fat naturallyIt’s design is to burn fat since that is what your body needs for fuel or energy. Glucose is made from fat which is converted from the holding cells which store fat.

Here’s how the body works:
  • You eat low carb diet.
  • The body converts the food (carbohydrates) to energy or glucose body burns the energy and stores what it can’t use right away in fat cells.
  • When it runs out of energy it uses the stored fat for energy after it converts it to glucose.
  • If you eat again before your body has converted the fat in the stored cells, you gain weight.
  • You have to let your body use the stored fat for energy before you eat again.

Of course, a better way is to not eat so much. That way your body is always converting fat to burn as energy.  That in turn, increases your metabolism which, of course, tells your body how to lose love handles.  So, can you see how the body is a fat burning machine, which you have to take care of so it will burn fat where you want it to or the fat will attract more fat and you will just keep on gaining weight.

No one said being a teenager was easy. For some reason, these years are filled with a lot of emotional and physical changes, which can be difficult to handle. Parents of teens may feel overwhelmed and/or helpless as to how to make their teen son or daughter feel more confident about themselves. However, the good news is that there are some ways parents can connect with their teens to give them that much-needed boost of self-esteem.


It is vital to keep an open line of communication with your teen. Be observant. Notice a change in your teen’s mood lately? Is he/she more withdrawn or quieter than normal? This is an obvious sign that something may not be right. Don’t be afraid to ask if something is wrong. Even if your teen isn’t ready to talk about it, make sure to reassure him/her that you’re there to listen when they are ready to talk. Avoid being too nosy, however, since this will only push your teen away. As long as they know they can turn to you, they’ll more than likely seek you out when they are ready.

Find the Cause

A lot of what teens go through deals with emotional and/or physical changes. For example, does your teenage daughter feel insecure about her acne? Then take the steps necessary to help her not only get her complexion back on track but feel good about herself as well. This entails more than simply going to the store and buying acne skin care products. It helps to educate your teen about her skin, how to properly treat her complexion and what she can do to keep her breakouts at bay. Not well versed in skincare? Then go online and do research together to learn more about this common skincare issue and what options are available. Taking these steps together with your teen will show true concern and help them feel like they have someone in their corner.

Don’t Just Say…Do

Similar to what has been explained above, teens have a higher chance of being successful at feeling good about themselves if they have one or both parents helping them through tough times when they are feeling less than confident in themselves. While having the support of their friends is a great help, when the parents also show an interest, this can make any teen feel good – even if they don’t show it at first. Parents of obese teens should go above and beyond to take the steps necessary to encourage healthy weight loss. In addition to buying more fresh fruits, veggies and explaining the importance of exercise, parents should also strive to set an example by working out with their teens and eating the same healthy meals. Not only do such actions help teens feel better about themselves, it will also make them more comfortable with opening up and talking to their parents about what they’re going through.


Don’t Always Act Like a Parent

Aside from the physical changes, teens also go through emotional changes, especially when it comes to dating. A first crush and/or relationship can be scary for any teen. Instead of being too parental, show interest and support when your teen talks to you about his/her relationship. In the event of a bad breakup, argument or another mishap, don’t lecture – your teen will simply tune out and become distant. Instead, make an effort to listen and offer words of encouragement. This form of support will be appreciated more by your teen and make the transition through the rough patches in their relationship much easier to handle.

Whether your home is new or old, chances are there have been times when you’ve looked around your house and thought to yourself, “Boy, this place could use a makeover.” Of course, hiring an interior decorator is pretty expensive and unless you’re in the right place, HGTV won’t be able to help you. So what’s a homeowner to do? The answer is easy: do it yourself!

The idea of revamping your home yourself may sound overwhelming at first but if you do your homework, set realistic goals, and plan accordingly, you should have no problem with giving your house a much-needed facelift. The first step is to decide what part of your home you want to redecorate or revamp and what look you are going for. There are various ways to spruce up either the interior or the exterior of your home and using lifestyle and home and garden magazines are one of the quickest ways you can find inspiration.

You’ll want to plan how extensive the changes are that you want to make and what purpose you are redoing the room for? For example, you may have an extra bedroom that you want to convert into a really comfy and stylish guest room. Do you want to put new paint on the walls? Change out the furniture? Once you know your goals for revamping the room, then you can make a checklist of what needs to be done. Again, you can turn to magazines or shows on HGTV to get inspiration. Be sure to write down colors you like, types of furniture you think would go best in that room, and what stores you would purchase your materials from.

These days, homeowners are taking it upon themselves to revamp their houses, which can save a lot of time and money. Speaking of money, if you currently don’t have the best budget to revamp a room in your home, have a garage or yard sale. You can even take out the old furniture that needs to be replaced and put it up for sale.


Try to estimate how much the new furniture, paint, and/or accessories will cost and then make that your sales goal for your garage sale. This is also a great time to chuck all your old clothes, accessories, children’s toys, books, and other items in your house that you know you won’t be using anymore. With a successful garage sale, you’ll not only get extra cash in your pocket, you’ll have effectively cleared up room in your home, including the room(s) to be revamped.

With a little knowledge and practice, you can expertly paint your own rooms and with some extra muscle from family and/or friends you can also move your furniture in and arrange it as you desire. To add some style to your newly revamped room, shop at antique stores to find accessories (such as lamps, curtains, or little knick knacks) that you won’t see anywhere else. If you want a cheat sheet of sorts, you can choose a page right out of a home design magazine and simply replicate what’s on the page.

As a parent, you may have been dreading or eagerly planning for the day when your children leave your home. Empty nest syndrome is one that many parents experience every day. However, your experience with having an empty nest doesn’t have to be a negative one. More and more parents are finding ways to make the most of this new stage in their lives and there’s nothing wrong with celebrating.

One of the first steps towards dealing with an empty nest is to let Nature take its course. Allow yourself to emote freely, whether the feelings are good or bad. You are human after all and there is nothing wrong with taking some time to yourself to reflect and let the idea sink in that you’ve now got an empty house. However, you’ll want to do your best to not let your emotions rule you. You may be feeling a bit sad or depressed after the first week but if you’re still feeling this way after the first few weeks or a month, then you’ve got to make some serious changes to bring you out of your funk.


Once the initial shock has worn off, start making plans. Get together with your significant other and figure out what you both want to do that you weren’t able to do before when the kids were home. Maybe you’ll finally be able to renovate and redecorate now that you have rooms that aren’t being used. This is a great project for you and your significant other to work on together. Remodeling your home can also signal the start of a new stage in your lives. Now that you don’t have extra mouths to feed, you can save up some money and take a vacation. Getting away for a week or two is a wonderful way for you to do something you enjoy – not to mention that you’ll no longer have to deal with finding a babysitter.

Find a new hobby to pursue. Or if you have a ton of hobbies that you put on the backburner, bring them out and tackle them with renewed vigor. You’ve now got all the time in the world to do things that you want to do and you’ll be on nobody else’s schedule but your own. Think of it as a rightfully deserved reward for the years of time and effort you put into parenting and raising your kids. Another way to enjoy your empty nest is to invite over other parents that are in the same boat as you. Host a brunch put together a fancy dinner or plan an outing with another couple. It’s always helpful to have the company of people that can relate to your situation. The possibilities for enjoying your newly empty nest are endless so make the most of it while you can.

In the end, if you’re still having trouble grasping the idea that your children won’t be returning home, remind yourself that you did a great job raising them. There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Replace those feelings of sadness and loss with pride and joy and you’ll look forward to creating new memories in your home for many more years to come.

Easy Veggie Meal Plans is a 90-day weight loss program that provides you with full vegetarian meals that will save you money and time. You will be shown exactly what to eat on a daily basis and for every meal. You will also be shown how to prepare it and it is very easy to follow. They also don’t take you very long to make – much less time than cooking a meal each evening (let’s say around 15 minutes to make at most).

On top of this, the plan comes with a Vegetarian Lifestyle ebook to help you make the most of a meat-free lifestyle and how you can go about incorporating this lifestyle easily and without any hiccups. I like this diet because it is promoting a much healthier lifestyle than most Americans live. Meat can be good for you and when once upon a time it was considered a luxury item, had no real negative health effects.


However, in this day and age meat is eaten at nearly every meal and those fat and protein calories add up (look at how many deaths are related to diseases relating to diet). Both protein and fat can have energy-draining consequences and contribute to numerous diseases. Yes, we do need protein in our diet, but not to the extent most people believe. In fact, T Colin Campbell, in his book The China Study, discovered that the best source of protein is from non-animal sources such as dark leafy greens. He also discovered that animal protein in too much of a quantity can contribute to the growth of cancer.

Easy Veggie Meal Plans, however, incorporates high protein meals into your day anyway if this is still a concern to you. Cutting out meat and following Easy Veggie Meal Plans will give you more energy, help you lose weight effortlessly and allow you to feel less sluggish and drained. I also like the fact that it comes with a Smoothie ebook too. Smoothies have become a huge part of my diet and give me tons of energy every day. They also sustain me all day until dinnertime and I don’t have any energy dips as a result. I highly recommend incorporating smoothies into your diet to get more fruits and vegetables into it. I found the smoothies in this particular ebook delicious and certainly will be adding a few to my own routine.

I think is crucial to anyone trying to lose weight whether eating meat or not, as friends and family can be quite critical of your attempts. It can be very disheartening at first but if you know what you are doing is right for you and making you feel great, a CD like this is a great support to your weight loss goals.Overall this program is an absolutely must for anyone wanting to improve their health. Finding this sort of program amongst the numerous unhealthy diet programs out there was a God-send!

However, one factor that does let it down is the price. It is $57 for the basic package, which I think, is a little steep but most programs seem to be around this price and most are utter rubbish so in that respect I guess it is a steal! The Easy Veggie Meal Plans Program is a great product for anyone losing weight. We consider it to be a healthy weight loss diet, taking into account how too much meat can be a bad thing. You should feel more energetic, less weighed down and happier on this type of meal plan program. So if you want deliciously healthy, protein-filled, easy to prepare meals to help you lose weight than this could be the right program for you.