Are you a workaholic? One in four people say work is the last thing they think about before going to bed and over 40% say it’s the first thing they think about when they wake up. It’s becoming harder and harder for people to disconnect from the office more than ever. Why? Technology is definitely a huge part of staying tethered to the office since we can connect remotely almost anywhere.

An expectation is often set that we are reachable and available at all times, especially if you have a company phone. I also think job security also plays a big part for many people. If you don’t respond to an email, text or phone call immediately, especially if it’s from your boss or someone senior in the company, you may have anxiety and fear.

I’ve witnessed so many people that are slaves to their job; they put so much internal pressure on themselves based on perceived external expectations.

We have allowed work to bleed into our downtime with family, friends and even our “me” time. I work with a lot of people that stay connected because they want to; it’s a choice, rather than an obligation. And from some of the articles and research I’ve read, these folks are also more stressed on any given day.

So why do it? I think the economy is still unstable and employees continue to feel insecure in the future of their jobs. Additionally, they put the expectation on themselves. Work becomes their life.

Not disengaging from work can have some huge health risks, including a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and depression. Scary! It also isn’t good for work in general since research has shown that overwork causes a decrease in cognitive skills, leading to mistakes and errors in decision making.

So how can you break the workaholic habit? It’s all about setting boundaries and expectations. From my own personal experience, before I set my own work-life boundaries, my continuous connection, thoughts, and stress about work not only hurt my relationships, but also made me sick more often.

I believe working longer hours also made me less productive and prone to making more mistakes. It ended up being a downward spiral since being less efficient and making mistakes, led to working more to make up for it… which then led to more stress and anxiety about making additional mistakes, and wanting to maintain a good reputation with my boss and co-workers. (However, I’ve since learned everyone makes mistakes and you will remember your own mistakes more than anyone else will.)

You almost have to start over with a clean slate. For me, that was getting a new job. I took a significant pay decrease and a lower level position, and in doing so set internal work boundaries immediately, which I try to follow the majority of the time.I will only work 8 to 5, unless there is an urgent need to stay later.

I will not stay late to “be seen” by others or to work on random projects.I will create timelines, to-do lists, and deadlines to ensure my due dates for projects are met.I will not take a work computer home or login to work from home, unless absolutely necessary.

I will create a routine that helps me disengage from work. (I will either go to the gym or go running after work almost everyday, and I always take Coco for a walk and read for pleasure for 15-20 minutes when I get home.)

Start small with little things that will help you disengage at the end of the day. For example, create a to-do list for the next day, so you aren’t thinking of it on the way home, at night, or when you wake up in the morning. Once you start setting boundaries and creating new habits, you will see the benefits, such as:

  • enjoying your workday more knowing you have a finite amount of time at the office
  • feeling more confident in the work you dobeing physically and mentally healthier

It’s always about replacing bad habits with good habits.

What do you do to disengage from work? What obstacles stand in your way?

ripped man working out

Time is invaluable. We never seem to have enough of it. Working out is an essential healthy habit, so it makes sense to have some easy go-to habits to simplify your workout to save time, but not compromise your overall workout.

There are a few ways I’ve found that you can get in an awesome workout, and still have time to eat lunch for you’re a mid day exerciser, or make dinner if you prefer evening workouts. You can easily start some habits to simplify your workouts, to get in the habit of exercising 4-5 days a week, and still have plenty of time in your day to do everything else you need to get done.

Plan ahead

If you are going to dedicate a block of time to visit the gym, you need to create a plan. When you arrive at the gym with no idea what you are going to do when you arrive, you often end up wasting a lot of time. Before you go, create a plan of attack to focus while you are there, preventing you from wandering around the gym trying to decide what to do.

Prepare to workout any time

Have a workout bag packed and ready to go with all the things you need. When you wait until the last minute to pack your bag, it’s easy to get distracted deciding on what to wear and possibly forgetting something essential. Keep your bag packed and ready for your next workout!

Combine your moves

You can simultaneously combine cardio and strength training to maximize your time spent and results in the gym. Try performing your strength training moves as a circuit, doing them quickly one after the other. This makes your heart rate stay elevated (the key to cardio) during your entire workout. You can do combo moves such as “squat and press”, “lunge and curl” or “plank and row” to utilize your time efficiently and keep your heart rate up.

Push up the intensity

Golias claims that short and intense workouts always outdo long and lifeless sessions. No amount of time is too short to get in a quick workout; whether it’s during a commercial break while watching TV or a 15-minute break at work. A few quick intense go-to exercises: jumping jacks, squats, crunches, burpees, push ups.

Make it quality over quantity

It’s not how many reps you complete or how many minutes your do on the treadmill, but how engaged you are during your workout. Shift your focus from watching the counter to effectively and efficiently doing the exercises. For strength training you can set a timer and perform each move slowly and correctly until the timer goes off. For cardio, pay attention to your form and breathing to keep your muscles and mind engaged the entire time.

You should never feel like you don’t have enough time to make exercise a daily habit. There are so many different ways to simplify your workout and fit exercise into your busy schedule on a consistent basis. You can even to turn everyday situations into bursts of exercise. Standing in line at the grocery store? Waiting to meet someone for lunch? Put those leg muscles to work with calf raises. Also, don’t be afraid to try something new. Is there a new class you’ve been wanting to try? Is one of your goals to run a 5k?

An added benefit of getting into a daily workout habit is the energy it provides during the day, as well as the ability to help you get a good night’s rest. Start small by adding in small amounts of cardio and strength training into your day when you can. If you can get into the gym, make it count: make a plan, up the intensity, and be effectively engaged the entire time. It’s simple, right? A simple workout plan for a simple new healthy habit.


How to get rid of acne scars is a tough thing to accomplish for many people, as there are so many different kinds of pimple scars, from small spots to really big scars from bigger pimples, there are so many out there.

Many people know about the complete difficulty involved with removing those scars, but there are actually many nice natural remedies out there that can really help you. The truth is that going the natural way is very effective, and many people have seen lots of big results by using the remedies below.

  • Lemon

Cut a lemon in half and place it all over your face. Simply the inner juice throughout your face, and let it sink in for several minutes before washing it off thoroughly. This remedy is used by countless amounts of people to get their nice face clear and shining. It removes the oil and the dirt without having to hurt or damage the skin. Inside of lemons you’ll find that it’s acidic in nature, and it helps to cleanse the skin in a very natural way.

  • Garlic

Simply opening up some garlic and rubbing it across your acne spots can hep diminish the marks. It helps tremendously with the big boils that you may have which caused bigger scars, as it’s very strong and can really dig deep into your skin. Many people recommend using this for those big and bumpy acne scars, and if you want to achieve bigger and better results faster, then eating at least one piece of garlic can help keep the blood flowing well in the body, causing the skin to stay strong and away from acne. Eating it is a bit gross at first, but it can help a lot with your inner system.

  • Toothpaste

In toothpaste, take the paste and place it all over your pimples. Make sure to only get the paste part and not the gel, and simply leave it all over your scars for several hours over the night. This is a very professional and good remedy that can keep you away from getting those acne spots to be bigger. By using toothpaste, you’ll see your pimples start to dry overnight.

  • Sea salt

Get sea salt and combine it with any kinds of of oil, and place that over your entire spot filled with pimples. This will definitely help you to get rid of those big pimples and scars, and get better looking skin. It’s a pretty effective treatment and home remedies for acne that many people in today’s culture do to not only get rid of acne spots, but remove the dry spots on the face.

Home remedies are very effective and can keep your skin in good condition for a long time; however, there are still many good ways to get rid of all those acne scars. Here is a popular product getting some good rave:

Introducing Exposed SkinCare Acne Scar Treatment

exposed skincare

This cream has revolutionized the process of achieving perfectly clear skin. This method can help anybody get the skin that they desire. It works extremely well, and it’s nice because there are no unnatural ingredients required.

Many people believe that gutting rid of scars requires lots of work and even cosmetic surgery, but this proven product can remove those scars within a short amount of time. Now there’s no more need to learn how to get rid of acne scars, as this acne scar treatment does it all without any difficulties.

Expect to achieve bigger and better results with your face in weeks of applying this wonderful cream. It’s also priced at an affordable price, so there’s no need to spend money on weekly visits to those expensive cosmetic surgeons or facials.

Exposed SkinCare has been used by countless people in this industry, and you’ll find many people using this cream to get the perfect skin they want. Anybody can get the perfect skin that they need, and while the remedies above are worth using, this cream requires no preparation of any ingredients at all.

Simply apply the cream over your face and let it work its magic. Do you want to get rid of those blemishes, scars from pimples, scars from blackheads, and remove those dark spots? Now you can with the Exposed SkinCare.