Those under-the-radar in-home Botox and Restylane parties have led to something much more fun and a lot less harmful. This latest trend in beauty care is fast becoming the hottest way to get pampered: the In-Home Spa Party. This invitation-only, salon-style soiree’ issues your dearest friends a backstage pass to after-hours massages, mani’s, pedis and overall pampering, plus a little imbibing, all in the comfort of your own home. Even more interesting, these parties are being booked on a bi-monthly basis, just as someone would have a standing appointment at a spa or salon. I consider this new concept smart on so many levels. It addresses the issue of space, which is at a premium in some salons.

It addresses the issue of spa owners rushing a group through while juggling their regular customers, leaving everyone feeling stressed. It also makes the services much more affordable for the attendees. In some cases, hosts get their services for free if enough guests are invited. I recently spoke to a group of beauty industry professionals who put on these in-home spa parties, offering facials, massages, pedicures, and manicures.

Here is a checklist of the logistics of planning your In-Home Spa Party:

  • The hostess sets the party date, time, place and services to be offered.
  • The hostess emails or snail mails invitations to the guest list. Included in this invitation is a liability release, standard for these kinds of events.
  • The In-Home Spa Party company supplies the hostess with a contract, guaranteeing the date and cost.
  • The hostess provides a non-refundable security deposit, committing to the date and time.
  • The host is responsible for food and drinks, or for a minimal fee, the company hosting your party can add catering to the event.
  • The In-Home Spa Party company sometimes creates “swag bags” for your guests, offering free sample products from their vendors.
  • Hostesses, here are a few things to consider if you are planning a party in your own home:
  • Make sure the company performing the services is insured.
  • Make sure the company provides their own equipment.
  • Ask these specialists what you can do to make the layout of your homework best for the event.
  • Find out if any of your attendees are diabetic. The manicurists and pedicurists will need to know this, as extra precautions aretaken in these special cases.

Make sure all of your attendees have signed off on the liability release forms before you allow them to partake in the spafestivities. It may seem harsh, but people have gotten staph infections in their fingers from manicures at well-sanitized salons, and you don’t want to be legally responsible for their medical bills. I have since attended one of these parties, and I must tell you I would recommend this to everyone who likes to be pampered and doesn’t want to leave the house.


Of course, I am from the Midwest, where leaving the house can be less than pleasant for several months of the year. The In-Home Spa Party I attended was a wonderfully relaxing evening being pampered, having a smooth glass of merlot and reconnecting with friends.