The holidays are all about spending time with the folks we love, and if that means getting a little mistletoe action in with your favorite Christmas squeeze, then all the better! Make sure that your lips are ready to take the heat with these tips that will help you to keep your lipstick where it belongs. With a little plan-ahead strategy, your lipstick will stay on your lips no matter how many trips you take under the mistletoe.

Get Ready

Keeping your lipstick in place requires steps prior to ever opening that tube of fire engine red. First, keep your lips in mint condition during the dry winter months with plenty of lip balm. Make sure that your balm of choice contains an SPF of at least 15 to protect from the sun’s rays, which can damage even on cold days. Next, drink plenty of water, to keep your lips hydrated from the inside out. This way, your lipstick has a nice, smooth palette to glide onto, leading to a longer lasting application and prettier lips.

Get Set

Before applying your lipstick, many makeup experts swear by rubbing a bit of foundation over the lips. You could also use a gel blush or a nude lip liner for this purpose. This step will effectively give you a base that will help to keep your lipstick in place. Once the foundation is applied, you can carefully line your pucker using a nice sharp lip pencil in the shade of your choice. Lining your lips will ensure that your lip color doesn’t smudge or bleed, and it will give you a nice lip definition as well.

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Now you are ready for your lip color. First, fill in with a thin coat of lipstick, using a lip brush instead of applying the color right from the tube. Blot your lips lightly with a tissue, and then apply a second coat, using the brush once again. If you like, you can finish with a light dusting of powder that will hold that pucker in place.


To add some extra glitz for the holiday season, finish your lipstick application with a coating of high shine gloss or a bit of sparkle. For a perfect pout, apply the gloss to the center of your lower lip only. It is also important to consider the shade of lipstick that you choose, since different colors may say different things about you. For example, pink usually radiates an air of sweetness, while red definitely says daring. For a classic look, go for the brown lipstick tones. Nearly everyone can wear a shade of brown.Once your lips are in place, get ready for that perfect pucker. Look out mistletoe, here she comes!

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