Lingerie is most commonly pictured on supermodels the likes of Alessandra Ambrosio, Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima. Watching commercials and flipping through the Victoria’s Secret catalogs may make you want to go to the nearest store and have a lingerie shopping spree or hide under your favorite blanket. Perfectly toned bodies prancing around in skimpy undergarments can be very intimidating to the everyday woman but the good news is that as long as you know how to shop for your body type, there is no reason why you can’t feel sexy in your favorite piece of lingerie.

Who doesn’t want to feel fiercely sexy in lingerie from time to time? Whether it’s as a surprise for your significant other or just to give yourself an ego boost, lingerie has a way of making a woman feel all powerful. However, many may feel that they don’t belong in any type of sheer or barely there undergarment because they aren’t a perfect size 2. If this describes your thought process when it comes to lingerie, toss those negatives vibes out of the window. The great news is that all women can feel comfortable in wearing next to nothing as long as you are choosing your lingerie according to your body type.


No woman is built exactly the same and your unique body type will be the major determining factor as to what types of undergarments will enhance the parts of your body you love while hiding the problem areas you don’t want to think about. Because of the successes of companies like Victoria’s Secret and Fredrick’s of Hollywood, the number of women purchasing lingerie has skyrocketed in past years. As a result, designers are now creating lines of sexy undergarments that suit just about any body type.

Think you have to be sporting a large bust in order to look good in a lacy bra? Think again! Even women with the smallest bust can pull off this lingerie look by choosing a push-up bra to give them an extra boost in the cleavage department. Also opt for triangle styles, which provide a natural lift. Prints, lace, and frills also add some flirty sex appeal to this popular undergarment. On the flip side, busty gals will more than likely want to favor bras with either an underwire for support or a bra with soft cups for comfort. Frills and lace make for a feminine touch.

Perhaps one of the biggest body flaws women experience is a bit of flab in the stomach area. The perfect lingerie style to hide your mid-section is the good ole baby doll camisole, which provides soft, sheer fabric to cover your stomach, yet comes with a built-in bra top to enhance your bust. Match it with a pair of sexy undies with a high waist and you’ll be good to go.

Got some extra junk in the trunk or want to create the illusion of smaller hips? Then go for undergarments in a boy short style. This type of lingerie is comfortable, sexy and form-fitting in a way that will minimize your excess baggage. Pair with a matching lace or printed bra.