No one said being a teenager was easy. For some reason, these years are filled with a lot of emotional and physical changes, which can be difficult to handle. Parents of teens may feel overwhelmed and/or helpless as to how to make their teen son or daughter feel more confident about themselves. However, the good news is that there are some ways parents can connect with their teens to give them that much-needed boost of self-esteem.


It is vital to keep an open line of communication with your teen. Be observant. Notice a change in your teen’s mood lately? Is he/she more withdrawn or quieter than normal? This is an obvious sign that something may not be right. Don’t be afraid to ask if something is wrong. Even if your teen isn’t ready to talk about it, make sure to reassure him/her that you’re there to listen when they are ready to talk. Avoid being too nosy, however, since this will only push your teen away. As long as they know they can turn to you, they’ll more than likely seek you out when they are ready.

Find the Cause

A lot of what teens go through deals with emotional and/or physical changes. For example, does your teenage daughter feel insecure about her acne? Then take the steps necessary to help her not only get her complexion back on track but feel good about herself as well. This entails more than simply going to the store and buying acne skin care products. It helps to educate your teen about her skin, how to properly treat her complexion and what she can do to keep her breakouts at bay. Not well versed in skincare? Then go online and do research together to learn more about this common skincare issue and what options are available. Taking these steps together with your teen will show true concern and help them feel like they have someone in their corner.

Don’t Just Say…Do

Similar to what has been explained above, teens have a higher chance of being successful at feeling good about themselves if they have one or both parents helping them through tough times when they are feeling less than confident in themselves. While having the support of their friends is a great help, when the parents also show an interest, this can make any teen feel good – even if they don’t show it at first. Parents of obese teens should go above and beyond to take the steps necessary to encourage healthy weight loss. In addition to buying more fresh fruits, veggies and explaining the importance of exercise, parents should also strive to set an example by working out with their teens and eating the same healthy meals. Not only do such actions help teens feel better about themselves, it will also make them more comfortable with opening up and talking to their parents about what they’re going through.


Don’t Always Act Like a Parent

Aside from the physical changes, teens also go through emotional changes, especially when it comes to dating. A first crush and/or relationship can be scary for any teen. Instead of being too parental, show interest and support when your teen talks to you about his/her relationship. In the event of a bad breakup, argument or another mishap, don’t lecture – your teen will simply tune out and become distant. Instead, make an effort to listen and offer words of encouragement. This form of support will be appreciated more by your teen and make the transition through the rough patches in their relationship much easier to handle.